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27 Science fictions that became science facts in 2012.


  1. Quadriplegic uses her mind to control her robotic arm.
  2. DARPA robot can traverse an obstacle course.
  3. Genetically modified silk is stronger than steel.
  4. DNA was photographed for the first time.
  5. Invisibility cloak technology took a huge leap forward.
  6. Spray-on skin.
  7. James Cameron reached the deepest known point in the ocean.
  8. Stem cells could extend human life by over 100 years.
  9. 3-D printer creates full-size house in one session.
  10. Self-driving cars are legal in Nevada, Florida, and California.
  11. Voyager I leaves the solar system.
  12. Custom Jaw transplant created with 3-D printer.
  13. Rogue planet[s] floating through space.
  14. Chimera monkey’s created from multiple embryos.
  15. Artificial leaves generate electricity. 
  16. Google goggles bring the internet everywhere.
  17. Higgs-Boson Particle discovery.
  18. Flexible, inexpensive solar panels challenge fossil fuel.
  19. Diamond planet discovered.
  20. Eye implants give sight to the blind.
  21. Wales barcodes DNA of every flowering plant species in the country.
  22. First unmanned commercial space flight docks with the ISS.
  23. Ultra-flexible “willow” glass will allow for curved electronic devices.
  24. NASA begins using robotic exoskeletons.
  25. Human brain is hacked.
  26. First planet with four suns discovered.
  27. Microsoft patented the “Holodeck”.


Learn more about each of these scientific break-throughs and discoveries here.

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